"The violin EggMate arrived this afternoon!! Thank you for your fast service. My new student had a great lesson thanks to the EggMate. I was able to focus on technique instead of hand position!"

Karen L.   

"EggMate arrived yesterday . . . . been using it off an on since then. I play on a Luis/Clark carbon fiber and a 37 Ernest Heinrich Roth wooden cello. It adapted perfectly to either instrument.

"There was an immediate change in my intonation. Confidence took a huge leap ahead. I used to rely on a tuner attached to the bridge to confirm my position and intonation, but the tuner is off. Now it's a combination of more accurate positioning and my deafening ears that confirm my intonation.

"I still have a wayward second finger, but my stronger thumb awareness will help retrain it, I hope. Anyway, I had to let you know how the EggMate and I got acquainted. We're getting on very well. At my age (78), I may never take it off!"

J. Gahl   

"As is known, once something becomes a habit it is difficult to break. This was the reason I turned to EggMate for a student who had been playing with "waiter wrist" for the past couple of years before I took on the challenge of teaching her. After almost a year of constant reminding, progress was slow since once out of class, she resumed her default position. After using EggMate for around 3 months, I weaned her off it and it seems to have done its job! I was actually quite surprised at the effectiveness as was quite skeptical at the start that effects would remain after removal. So far second student has shown improvement after just 3 weeks and I'm looking forward to using it with any students who have difficulty grasping the wrist position."

Yee Lynn
Violin Teacher 10+ years

Yee Lynn   
Author Picture

"In 25+ years of teaching I've never had a wrist posture training aid I trusted and recommended to my students until now. My beginner students and parents appreciate how the EggMATE makes wrist posture effortless, and I like knowing they're practicing with the same techniques we expect them to use during lessons."

David Miles Wolcott
Director, Dallas Suzuki Academy
1st Violin, Dallas Opera
Former Concertmaster, Abilene
Philharmonic and Abilene Opera

David Miles Wolcott   

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