EggMATE Installation

Step 1: Place the rubber coated arc around the neck of the instrument just above the desired thumb position. This not only helps provide a place marker for the cor-rect thumb position to begin playing but also helps re-mind the student not to allow the thumb to slide up to-wards the scroll while playing (see Figures 1 & 4).

Cello EggMATE - Installation Figure 1

Figure 1

Cello EggMATE - Installation Figure 4

Figure 4

Step 2 (Optional): If the rubber arc is too narrow to fit around the neck of your instrument, gently pull it apart slightly with your fingers (see Figure 2) -OR- If the rubber arc is too loose to firmly grip the instrument, gently push each side of the rubber arc together slightly (see Figure 3). Please note: The rubber arc just needs to fit snugly around the neck of the instrument. It shouldn’t be made so narrow that it is difficult to slide on and off the instrument.

Cello EggMATE - Installation Figure 2

Figure 2

Cello EggMATE - Installation Figure 3

Figure 3


Grasp the rubber arc and egg to gently pull off the neck of the instrument. Avoid pulling just on the “egg” portion of the device to ensure the “egg” and rubber arc don’t become detached from each other.