The C-MUSIC EggMATE is a hand posture training aid designed to aid both beginner and intermediate cello players with developing or re-training their hand position to ensure the proper hand posture and thumb position is used while playing their instrument. Holding the cello properly during and between lessons ensures time spent with their instructor is about more learning, not about correcting as a result of returning to bad habits during the previous weeks’ practice time.PRIVATE LESSONS are an investment of time and money. Ensure your investment in a teacher is maximized by allowing their focus to be solely on teaching new techniques and materials, not constantly correcting habits that can be perfected during practice!

  • The majority of a player’s time is spent practicing.
  • It’s perfect practice that makes perfect.

Order the EggMATE and make sure practice time is helping advance your playing techniques towards perfection!

Cello - Student Hand Position with EggMATE

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Cello EggMATE - Color Options

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