How Does the C-MUSIC EggMATE work?  Utilizing a positive reinforcement approach for teaching students how to have the correct left hand cello hand posture, Harmonious Designs has developed a device that affixes to the instrument with a non-adhesive attachment method, completely independent of the player. Unprecedented in the industry, the cello EggMATE helps a student learn how to hold their left hand in the proper “C” position by guiding the ball of their hand and preventing gripping the neck of the instrument too tightly. The device also ensures proper thumb positioning. The EggMATE helps the student foster “procedural or muscle memory” for proper left hand posture while not inhibiting the player’s finger reach. Over time it becomes second nature to hold the hand in proper alignment with the instrument.

The EggMATE concept is significant because of how important this facet of early training truly is: laying the groundwork for better vibrato, fostering 2nd and 3rd position change accuracy, increasing finger reach, reducing hand and wrist stress or injury, and preparing for advanced playing techniques.

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Cell Student EggMATE